Saturday, October 12, 2013

The beginning of the next 10 months of our lives

We're building a house! Literally, we are building the house. In January we went to a Home Buyer's workshop at Community Action where they discussed different programs you can use to purchase your home. One of the programs they mentioned was Self-Help Homes. Skylar immediately was intrigued. We applied, qualified, went to our weekly meetings regarding agreement terms and construction and went to look at our soon to be home sweet home in Saratoga Springs. 
We thought when we got to the lot that they hadn't excavated yet. We were wrong. 

To the east of the lot is Utah Lake. It looks as though it will be an amazing view once we have everything all finished up.

There were tons of little holes in the sides of the excavation. Birds kept flying in and out. Hopefully they didn't get cemented down there...

Before...(who knows when the after will be?)

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