Sunday, October 13, 2013

September 18th - Walls are up!

Our house was just about ready for truss flying! (Curious as to what that is? See the next post!) Most of the walls were up, just the garage was left to finish. We were getting ready to start the punch list, all the little things to finish before inspection, get the roof started once the trusses were on and have the framing team move on to...drum roll please...the FOURTH house! We were getting faster and sometimes better at getting the houses up and ready. Each house presented its own problems, ours in particular.

It's so exciting to see the pictures below! We're getting so close and it's crazy now to think, this will be our house soon!

Front of the house

Front room

Front room/kitchen just behind it

Front closet

Kitchen/dining room

Front bedroom (more than likely Cohen's!)

Back bedroom

Side of the front room and half wall for the stairs







Side of the house where the garage is at

Back of the house

Another view of the back

Side of the house

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