Saturday, October 12, 2013

June 21st - Basement poured!

This was only a few weeks into construction but our basement concrete was poured which meant we could have started basement walls on our house, BUT our house is 3rd on the list for completion.

Each house is given a priority. I honestly have no idea what determines the priority but that is the order we follow on the houses. We start on the first house, get that home to the point where we can have an inspector come along with an electrician, dry wallers, plumber, and HVAC, and once we pass inspection, we move on to the next house while sub-contractors begin some of the work we do not do. AKA stucco, the aforementioned, more finishing work. After all the houses are at that point, we go back to the first house, do all the finishing work and we're done! On that house...then we go down the line of the priority. Here's the kicker, even if your house is done, you can't move in. No one moves in until all the houses are finished.

As I've said previously, the above is what is lined out, however, we've had to move people around depending on how quickly we finish tasks and possibly start on another house before the previous home was to the point where it would be inspected. Since we all have to work 35 hours per family, we've needed to move around to make sure everyone has enough work to do. Not that there isn't enough work, there's plenty, but a lot of the time one job depends on another job's completion. If it isn't complete, we have to find something else to work on. 

Every room downstairs! Nothing is separated by walls yet

There were tumbleweeds everywhere! I was being artistic in the garage.

The back room Skylar wants to turn into a home theater

Our neighbors foundation. And of course the killer view.


Our walkway! But alas, no house yet


  1. Is this Saratoga Springs? Where are you building? We are in Eagle Mountain :)

    1. it certainly is. jacob's ranch. right where they had that fire and flood last year. haha.

    2. Nice! How fun! Maybe our kiddos can hang out together :)