Saturday, October 12, 2013

June 8th - House pictures and explanation of the program

This is being written retrospectively so I hope that I can remember 4 or 5 months previous to this post. Construction, meaning us going to the home and working, was slated to begin on 15th of June. These pictures were from the week before on our house.

This is the general set-up of the program: A collection of families apply and qualify to participate in Self-Help Homes. We contractually agree to work a certain number of hours per week on all of our houses. Yes, all of the houses. We have 5 families in our group, which means we build 5 houses. There are 2 teams: a framing team (green plate, floor joists, rim board, walls, roofing) and a punchlist team (everything else, you wouldn't think there is much else, but you would be surprised). 

Because our group is so small, we trade off a lot of these tasks and don't stick so adamantly to "teams" we were assigned to. So much depends on what hours we work on the houses during the day, individual strengths, previous experience, etc. 

Before we even started, we had our assignments. And the next week, we started working!

Our foundation! It was starting to look like a house. Well, at least an unfinished basement.

Not sure what that is. I just asked Skylar if it was underwear and he had no idea. Apparently he took the picture to remember to look at it and then forgot.

This is the cold storage in the basement of our house. The porch cap, which covers the cold storage, was one of the first things Skylar and I worked on. Not on our house though...on another homeowner's house.

Cohen looking cute as ever and me with a tire around my waist in the early stages of pregnancy. We found out about the house and the baby with in the same week of each other.

My safety glasses! I had huge ones that covered my eye glasses. And I never wore them.

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