Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28th - Cremation of the Tumbleweeds

We're doing landscaping. Again. I was just looking at pictures of the yard from last year and wanted to cry because we had it to a certain point, left it and then all our trenches filled back up with dirt and the weeds came back with an angry vengeance. But what is done is done! And all we can do is get to work. 

Our neighbors had a great way of getting rid of weeds: burning them! So we followed suit. We got a burn permit and one of those huge metal barrels and went nuts. I started in the front yard, raking tumbleweeds into piles. 

This is where I left off on Tuesday

On Saturday we started again. Skylar got the fire going and I tried to get the tumbleweeds all piled together so we could chuck em in the barrel

Progress pic. We got the side of the house done and still had all the back


We had to dump out the ash two different times because there was so much that it would start to stifle the fire.

Finished. Finally.


Really we got going on all of this because we have a landscaping designer coming by to help us decide what the heck to do. Excited to see what the plan will be and for the upcoming posts! Here we go again!