Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 5th - Roof sheeted (ready for shingles!)

Now that you see the sheeting on the roof, can you appreciate the importance of trusses? And the need for them to be laid out correctly? Well even if you can't it's important. 

After you fly trusses, you sheet the roof, straighten up a bunch of stuff I don't even know about because I don't do that, build facia (gives a clean edge to the sides of the roof), any other build-ups that need to be done (our roof had several) and THEN you can start shingling the roof. 

Skylar worked on the roof that Saturday and I was quite annoyed because the windows that were supposed to be delivered the day before were still not there. I had to find lots of random things to do and ended up leaving earlier than normal and for good reason: I didn't have much else to do at that point in time AND it was General Conference! I went and got us ready to head up to Brigham City to spend time with the fam.

This is what the house looked like at the start of the day:

Hey look! There's a porch on that porch cap now!


Back of the master bathtub

There's even some water in it already...yuck

This is the top of the pantry. See that big bird nest of 2x4s? Skylar's doing. Although it needed to be done so that the sheet rock can be installed correctly. It just looks silly now.

This bad boy goes on the roof! There are pseudo windows on our roof. Pseudo because there isn't actually a room up there. It's just for decoration

What's all that crap on the peak you ask? Shingles! And other roofing materials.

And this is what the house looked like by the end of that Saturday:

That little build up is where the windows go. Also notice that the rest of the sheeting was put on!


  1. This is righteous! It's happening pretty fast too.

    1. I guess looking back on it, it seems fast. But I would love if it was even faster.

  2. Kaitlin, I'm so impressed with your knowledge of the building trade terminology! You really sound like a pro! Lookin' great! Hope it doesn't start snowing any time soon.

    1. Us too! If we keep going like we are, we'll have all the houses framed by around Thanksgiving. Which is right when it starts getting yucky weather wise. Maybe this year we'll have a late winter!