Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24th - Tiller and Trenches

This week we got a trencher to get ready to bury our sprinkler pipes. We'll have to get it again because we weren't quite able to finish before we had to return it. On Saturday Jon and Debbie came to visit and brought down the tiller so we could make quick work of the weeds and just rake them up and dump them in the lot across the street. 

We also raked a bunch of rocks but we didn't do too much since the trenches will just turn up more rocks. We tried to mostly get the bigs ones and get rid of weeds.

Big shout out to our great friend Monte for letting us use his landscaping rakes to get the rocks out of the way, Brandon our neighbor for picking up the trencher for us through a source that we were able to use free of charge, and Jon and Debbie for helping out and bringing down the tiller.

The size of rocks we've been digging out

That my friends is a tiller. What a beautiful piece of modern machinery

Remember the area of yard that Brillante was helping with? Yeah I dug up all the weeds (before we had the tiller) and we raked them all up today

The first section we worked on before it was tilled. Almost done

The gas man came by and marked where the line was at so we don't have any accidents there


Another giant rock

The mountains may be beautiful but they create issues as far as landscaping goes

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