Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31st - Blinds: Making Others Blind to Your Nakedness

Thought we were gone? Well you were wrong! Still things to take care of in our house even if it has been a year since we moved in (almost). Landscaping still didn't get done. I would love to say we even got halfway there but no. Didn't happen. But after the tax return comes in and the weather gets even warmer (for out here in Utah), we'll be out working again trying to get in the sprinklers and sod.

But first! Blinds! Skylar is the best. We saved several hundred dollars by installing the blinds ourselves and by ourselves I mean Skylar. We went through Budget Blinds, had the product installed right to our door, Skylar watched a few youtube tutorials and now we have a home that has an added measure of privacy. So excited!

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