Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 17th - Sprinkler System Meeting

We met with Nathan on Saturday and he explained to us how the sprinkler system is set-up, installed, trouble-shooted, yada yada yada. And it sounded about like that to me. I've decided I'm a visual person so explaining things verbally is wasted on me. 

We did find out that we won't need to de-rock the yard and median (I'm calling it that for lack of a better name) until after we have trenched for the sprinklers. Also, I found out that installing a sprinkler system takes time, hard work, brains and I really hope I don't some how manage to screw it up. Let's be honest here though, Skylar is going to do all the thinking and I'll throw rocks into the empty lot across the street so I think we will be okay.

We're still deweeding for now though. Hopefully next Saturday, we will be far enough along that we can rent a trencher and go to town. Then put in the sprinklers, de-rock, bury everything and go from there. We will see my friends. We will see.

We're getting further

Still a lot to do though

And we have to do this side too. That's right two sides

Come stay at our house and we'll put you to work! Only part of the reason why we love the Selfs: good friends do each others' yard work.

This was after a few hours of work on the area Brillante was just at. We're getting there

The first side: how much we have left

A shot from the beginning. We're getting there

Well. Let's see how next Saturday goes

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