Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 10th - Yard work

You know all those people who say they love yard work? They can't possibly be talking about this kind of yard work.

As with most things that we have done with the house, I have no idea what is actually going on (until after I've done it a few times). I was under the impression that if we got into the house before we had to do landscaping, then we could do it at our leisure. I was, sadly, mistaken. When we rolled our construction loan over to a normal mortgage loan, we signed a contract saying that we would have the landscaping done on June 1st. Say what?! Normally it takes about 2 months Nathan told us and we have, now, about 2 weeks. HA! But we will get what we can done in that amount of time. Apparently the penalty is that if we don't have it finished by then, USDA reserves the right to hire an outside company to do the landscaping with our money. (I think anyway. That could be slightly off).

We were blessed with a rock garden for a front yard. What we need to do is: dig up all the weeds, trench for the sprinkler system, install the sprinkler system, test it, bury all the pipes, de-rock the rock garden, lay sod and hope at that point everything works so that all the grass doesn't die.

Yard work. This was not what I had in mind.

All these weeds has gots to go

And all these rocks has gots to go too

Our yard which is deweeded and just needs to be derocked

See Skylar all the way at the end of the walkway? This is how much further we have to go


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