Monday, April 21, 2014

April 19th - Moving Day

We received a lot of flack from our neighbors in the group about having built a house and not moving in as soon as we could, When are you guys moving in? Some time this year? Didn't you build this house? Don't you want it? All in good fun of course. But since I was still in class we waited until that was all finished up so we didn't have to commute and I wouldn't have to stress.

But because of that when moving day came around, we weren't as packed as I would have liked. The night before Skylar and I rented a van and took over as much as we could: our dresser, a ton of storage stuff (decorations, baby/boy clothes) movies, books, bookshelf, anything we could do with out for the night and that would fit in the van. We packed it tight! And then next day we still had to make 3 trips out to the house to get everything. We should have just rented a big ole Uhaul. But it worked out. While the boys were packing up the cars and trailer that Skylar's grandpa brought down, I was able to just keep packing stuff up.

I can NOT believe how much stuff we had in our apartment. We ran out of boxes and we had even asked JC and Missy for the ones they were done with from them moving and I still had to ask my mom to run over to the store to see if they had extra boxes. It worked out but it was a little nuts.

Grandpa packing up the trailer

Our car loaded up with odd shaped items

Jonas snoozing through it all

Our house filled with stuff

The washer that we will probably sell to get a set

Cohen sleeping soundly on Easter morning.

Well that's it. We'll need to make an after shot to go along side the before but it was an incredible experience. We learned so much and made good friends and now we're in our home. The past 10 months flew by even though at the time it seemed as though it would never end. But it's over and we're reaping the benefits. Thanks to everyone who helped: self-help, our awesome neighbors, my wonderful mom for babysitting all the time, it was definitely a group effort. Here's to our home!

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