Monday, April 21, 2014

April 3rd - Open House, project completion

We did it. We did it, we did it, we did it. It felt like we would never finish the houses, that we would never really move in but then one day, we were done.

The open house was great. A lot of our neighbors came out to meet us and check out the houses so it seems like a really friendly neighborhood with TONS of kids. Which is great for us. There are plenty of families having kids and plenty of families with kids already.

Sponsors came out that work with Self Help all the time and told some great stories about the benefits of the program: people starting their own stucco companies afterward and things like that. Other future participants came and looked at the houses and I remember being there! I remember being so excited and thinking, dang, they made this? Well the answer is yes. Dang yes, we made this.

A somewhat decent shot of our group (left to right)
Adam's wife Jen and their daughter, Michelle and Brandon (behind), our supervisor Nathan, JC and his two sons, Jim (behind, who is in another group but came out and helped us in the beginning), Skylar and Cohen, me and Jonas, city official, and Jane and her daughter

Nathan being Nathan and taking care of the pulled pork. He once again smoked the food for the open house

Skylar chatting with JC

Jane smiling at babies

Adam with Jim and Adele

And Cohen stuffing his face

Even though it's blurry, this picture cracks me up. This crazy kid.

New couches! One of our first steps in moving in...another post coming soon? I think so!


  1. KAITLIN AND SKYLAR!! It looks just fabulous! I'm so excited for you! The couches look ultra comfy! Enjoy your garage now cause it will NEVER be that empty and clean again! Love the steps you made out there Skylar. The house just looks beautiful! Can hardly wait to see it in person the next time we come up! So happy for you all!

    1. Thanks! We're pretty excited as well. Just trying to get everything unpacked and figuring out where it all should go.

  2. This is so exciting! What an accomplishment!!!

    1. Thanks Holland! It feels like one for sure.