Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 22nd - Cleaning Windows

These posts are getting boring! Why? Because there is so little left to do (YES YES YES!). 

On Saturday, we installed deadbolt strike plates at the houses. We have one house left to finish tomorrow. We would have done it on Saturday but we also painted exterior doors so they were off their hinges and we couldn't. They weren't dry in time before we left so we will be doing that tomorrow. What else are we doing tomorrow? I'm so glad you asked. Let me tell you:

Strike plates at Adam's
Caulking any places that cracked in the finish work
Painting baseboards that were installed after flooring was put in
Painting wall touch-ups
Painting trim on the outside of the house
Staining the steps in the garage
Vacuum the carpets, clean the cabinets out, mirrors, sinks and tubs, mop the kitchen floor, empty the cold storage, basement and garage

And then...WE'RE 100% DONE! On Thursday we have our final walk through inspection. This past week we had our final inspection with the city which we passed. That one, everything has to be up to code so there are little things that can be ignored as long as everything else meets code. For the walk through on Thursday, everything has to be done. All the painting, caulking, installation of hardware, cleaning, all of it. It's more cosmetic because it's Self-Help (our supervisor's supervisor) that does the inspection. They are looking to make sure that everything looks good for the sponsors and city officials that come to the open house on the 3rd. So everything has to be done. Done done. Not just mostly done. 

As part of that, Skylar climbed up into the attic, cleaned and put up screen material behind the windows. You don't want to be able to see that it's just an empty space up there and not a real room. Just looks kinda silly. 

Here is the before (but I have no after...) You can see the boards in the back that make the build up

Skylar anticipating wading through insulation. Fortunately, the way it was set up he didn't have to

Our attic access is too high up for our own ladder. This is a ladder from Self-Help. Something we'll have to invest in

Like I said. No after shot. Just the cleaning. But trust me, with the screen material, it was much better

We also started some touch up things, mostly puttying holes and caulking cracks. We're hoping tomorrow we'll finish all of our touch ups and have the last 2 days to clean. If we're really lucky, we'll just finish it up tomorrow!

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