Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9th - Good News and Bad News

Good news: We are so close to being done! Like so close. We have a limited number of things left on our checklist. 
Such as - 

Weeding the yard and parking strips
Digging out the trenches we dug last year
(Deciding if we need all the trenches we have or need to make a few new ones)
Putting in the sprinklers (pipes and heads)
Installing curbing
Installing trees
Spreading out top soil in low areas
Keeping the weeds away
De-rocking the yard
Installing sod

Everything was happening for this week. Trees Wednesday, top soil Thursday, sod Friday! But then. Right after we planted our trees a storm with 70 mph winds blew in with tons of rain to boot. Because of that, our sod was soaked. When it's soaked it can't be cut. When it can't be cut, it can't be delivered. And instead of pushing everyone back a day, our delivery date was rescheduled to Wednesday of next week. It's not that big of a time difference, BUT WE WERE SO CLOSE! And we still are. In all honesty, it's a good thing. We have more time to make sure all the ground is prepped really well, get everything set up how we want it and then bring in the sod.

Also good news: We got our trees! My goodness. I was so excited. And man those suckers are heavy. Now it feels like our yard is taking shape. (Also, of course we get a crazy wind storm right after we plant our baby trees with NO roots in the ground yet. I was so worried for them. But they survived, thankfully!)


I should have used a kid for size. These mothers were huge and took me forever to dig out!

Pretty maids all in a row

My father in law's joke about planting trees:
When is the best time to plant a tree?
20 years ago.

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