Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6th - Pipes, Trenches, Curbing and Burying

After changing the date for curbing and sod, twice for the first and once for the second, we now have official dates for all of it! Curbing was done last week, cement work is coming tomorrow, trees are coming sometime either this week or next and sod is coming Friday! (I realize I said we had dates for everything and that I just said sometime either this week or next but whatever. We're ordering trees tonight so we'll find out then.)

There is no pathway from our driveway to our front door unless you count the sidewalk that runs along the road, which I don't count. So we are having someone come and lay a pathway for us as well as a cement pad in our parking strip from the sidewalk to the mailbox. Pictures to come. (TOMORROW!)

But that means that we need to bury the pipes in any areas close to where the cement will be. Along with de-rocking and weeding said areas. That is what we will be doing tonight. So much prep work! 


Weeding the yard and parking strips
Digging out the trenches we dug last year
(Deciding if we need all the trenches we have or need to make a few new ones)
Putting in the sprinklers (pipes and heads)
Keeping the weeds away
De-rocking the yard
Spreading out top soil in low areas
Installing curbing
Installing sod
Installing trees

And now that we know how much everything will cost, we're only doing trees this year. Maybe at the end of the season when things are on sale we'll get some more of the stuff we have plans for but for now, I'm happy with grass and trees.

Pipes for downspouts. That was fun driving down Pioneer with those strapped on

Prepping for where the curbing would be

Look at all that pipe. We're ready for sprinklers now!

More prep

The valve box for the sprinklers. Something I didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago.


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