Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 11th - 13 hours in the yard. NBD.

No kidding. We were at it from 8am until 9pm. Huge shout out to our wonderful parents, Jon and Debbie. We were able to get so much done yesterday. Because our sod was pushed back, at the end of last week Skylar and I basically did nothing in the yard. So we caught back up and now just have one side of the yard to finish.

Weeding the yard and parking strips
Digging out the trenches we dug last year
(Deciding if we need all the trenches we have or need to make a few new ones)
Putting in the sprinklers (pipes and heads and sprayer heads)
Installing curbing
Installing trees
Spreading out top soil in low areas
Keeping the weeds away
De-rocking the yard
Installing sod

Weeding and rocking is DONE in most of the yard. We just need to finish up the south side and then just the sod is left. JUST THE SOD IS LEFT! (And then we get to do it all over again next year in the back yard...)

One thing that we wanted to finish that is not on our list was cement work in the yard. We had a walk way put in from our driveway to the front door as well as a continuation of the walkway we already had but extending it out to the mailbox. Both seen below:

We had top soil delivered so that in the low areas of the parking strip, we could even out the ground to make sure the grass would be level. That way you don't feel like you're stepping down from the sidewalk into the grass. 

Also on Saturday, we installed all the sprinkler heads (by we I mean Jon and Skylar) and raked and weeded the yard. 

A couple of kids for cuteness

Finally what it looked like after

What we still have left to do

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