Monday, November 18, 2013

November 16th - Stucco Started

The stucco guys finished the first coat of stucco! Now, our color actually looks nothing like this. I am under the impression that this is a "primer" type of coat and the real stuff comes after this has set so that the stucco won't crack later. 

Also on the inside of the house, they mudded (is that a real verb?) the dry wall, so the next step is putting up trim, base boards and doors. AND they installed (my favorite feature) a thermostat!! It was a very cold day on Saturday, so I made a couple of trips up to our house to install our (finally delivered) basement window and just to warm up my poor little toe-sies. 

It has been a HUGE blessing how mild the weather has been so far. Our group is hoping for a late winter so that 1) we can finish framing and roofing before the snow really gets going and 2) so that we won't have to do landscaping. That depends partially on the weather. If we end up having to do it, then it adds another 2 months to the process...


60 degrees has never felt so warm to me as it did this past Saturday

Hey look! Good thing the heater was on before we had this last window installed. Sucks for the person who's paying for that...oh...wait...

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