Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 9th - Almost an occupiable home! (With out any finish work)

It's that time again! Quick updates and recent pictures of the house. You'll see below that the contractors are totally prepped for stucco. The inside is all finished with the drywall and cleaned up. The outside is completely wrapped in their paper stuff and chicken wire. (I have no idea what that is for). And it is completely surrounded by their rather wobblely scaffolding. We also have stucco to be done on the build-ups on the roof, so after all of Skylar's hard work shingling the whole thing, what happens? They nail in boards to stand on. Such is life!

Back and garage side of the house

Full front view

These next pictures look like some from last week, except that now it doesn't look like a dirty meth house
Front room


Laundry Room

Second Bedroom

Another view of the front room

Kitchen/Dining Room

Skylar and Adam working hard on the roof of the FOURTH house




Stairs down to the basement

How did we pass inspection? We're missing a window!

Back of the house

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