Monday, December 30, 2013

November 23rd - Stucco Finished

Well as of the 23rd, the stucco on our home was completely finished. The only things left to do on the outside of the house are the rock (which goes on the front) and the deck out the back door. Skylar will be building the decks for the homes (3 get decks) from what we understand and our good friend Adam will be doing the rock. That all takes place once ALL of the roofs are done. 

We had a minor set back with the fourth roof. We were under the impression that the labor done to shingle that house was going to be contracted out so we moved on to the next home. However, that did not work out and we ended up having to go back to the 4th house to shingle. This all happened the week that Utah County had its first snow storm. And it was a doozy. But we're finished with that roof and on to the FINAL roof. 

As mentioned previously, our home is the third on the list. If you're curious where the first two homes are at: they have been painted completely on the inside. The first house has begun installing the cabinetry in the kitchen. Then the lights and fixtures will be installed (by contractors) and we will install the finish plumbing and hardware. We go back and touch up the paint and I think at that point, we're done with house work. 

Picture time!


  1. WAHOOO!!! It's looking soooooo great! I'm really excited for you all! I don't know how you're working in that freezing cold weather!

    1. It's all Skylar! He's so determined to get it done soon! And it helps that we have the right kind of clothing to work in.