Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 9th - Readying the Yard

The title is somewhat redundant, since we've been readying the yard for a year now. But really what it's coming down to is getting rid of weeds, rocks and trying to keep those things at bay until we lay (drum roll, please) SOD! 

We had Jen Klingonsmith from Saratoga Blooms come and do a yard consultation for us. She is fantastic. It's more difficult to grow in Saratoga Springs because of the salinity of the secondary water and because the ground itself hasn't been worked like other areas in Utah County. For that reason she has a list of tried and true plants that grow in our area. Not only that but she designs a landscape for your yard that you can implement at your pace. So now we're in the process of getting sod, trees and possibly shrubs if we have funds for that. We're just doing the front right now but hoping to get the back done next year.

Right now we're trying to finish digging out the backyard how we want, getting all the areas leveled out that we will be finishing up this summer, installing sprinklers and we'll see from there.

After tilling one side of the front yard

The park strip. Yikes

The other side before tilling

After raking/wedding

After raking and weeding the other side

The back yard that we have left. We burned all the tumbleweeds and it made room for all the new weeds to come in. Never ends.

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