Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23rd - Creeping Up on the Weeds

One park strip at a time. All this week while, Skylar is working, I've been out in the yard. Weeding, raking, tilling, trying to make some progress on the sad condition of our once weedless yard. But we continue on! 

Today almost felt like when we were back working on the houses. We had a goal, we worked until we were done and it felt like we made a decent amount of progress. Our old supervisor Nathan just happened to be visiting a friend in our neighborhood so he even stopped by!

So here is our checklist as far as I know:

Digging out the trenches we dug last year
(Deciding if we need all the trenches we have or need to make a few new ones)
Putting in the sprinklers (pipes and heads)
Keeping the weeds away
De-rocking the yard
Installing sod
Installing trees, plants and bushes

Somewhere in there we also want to dig out the backyard. We'll use some of that dirt to fill in areas that aren't quite high enough for level ground so that needs to come just before installing sod. 

Progress. Progress.

The yard up until Tuesday

What is left (not doing all of it this year)

The front park strip

One of the other park strips

Last park strip

Mid-raking of the front park strip

After picture: looking good

Freaking weeds

Just the beginning of the pile...

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