Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 28th - Countertops and Light Fixtures

Two jobs that we do not do are installing countertops and installing light fixtures. I'm not sure what the process is for installing countertops. I know that once the cabinets are installed, the contractors come and measure each one to make sure that the countertop will fit like a glove. They install the countertop and then caulk around the walls so that it will be secure. That much I know. And wham-o! You have a beautiful countertop.

Can I just add that choosing a countertop pattern was so hard?! Some of the home furnishing decisions we had to make were really difficult because the samples that they show you are a tiny 1"x 1" swatch. How am I supposed to know what that pattern will look like when it's 4' long? Other choices that were definitely difficult: color of interior paint (again, tiny swatch and they all looked the same), rock for the exterior of the home (we'll sample that shortly), and colors for the exterior stucco and trim. 

We do not install any light fixtures simply because the wiring could get tricky. However, I will say that in our apartment, Skylar changed out the light fixture in our bathroom like a pro. Never had a problem with it. This was about 4 years ago but it only evidences that this program is right up his alley. In any case most of the fixtures are in which makes working in the houses at night so much easier!

I don't love the dome in the kitchen. Right next to it is the chandelier type fixture in the dining room. After we move in we may need to adjust that. I don't love the two contrasting styles.

Living room

Oh! Here are the "uppers". All of our cabinets are in! The fridge goes on the left, stove and microwave on the right

Dishwasher goes under the Arctic Circle drink


Bathroom. Skylar is working on the finish plumbing. That's what all that stuff is

What comes next? I'm not sure actually. Touch ups on the paint. Installing all the finish plumbing. Now we're at the point where it's all the little things on the inside that need to be done. And the rock on the outside of the house. Starting Saturday...(pictures to come!)

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