Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 18th - Cabinets Installed (Just the base cabinets)

The day after the floors were done, the cabinets needed to be installed because this week, contractors are coming to install the countertops. To clarify: we do not install any of the flooring. All of that is contracted out. We DO install the cabinets (the base cabinets, those on the floor and the uppers, those hanging on the walls). We do not install the countertops. So obviously, we needed to get the base cabinets installed for the countertops. 

In addition to having countertops this week, we should also be getting all of our outlets and light fixtures set up this week. Exciting! Having light in the houses makes working at night SO much easier. 

Should you be interested in seeing what the other homes look like, there is a Group Blog that our supervisor manages for Self-Help Homes. It's more or less up to date, but it's fun to see the progress and design of the other homes as well. There are pictures of the other group families and a slide show of the each home's progress. Several cameos from the Rackhams will be found. If you see two men on the roof, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's Adam and Skylar. Also, if you look closely, there is a great picture of me stuffing my face at our potluck at around 8-9 months pregnant. 

To the cabinets!

This is the island in our kitchen. So excited for that!

Master bathroom cabinets

Another kitchen view

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