Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8th - Crown molding and rock progress

We got some good news today. Let me start this story with some backstory: When we started building in June, we didn't have landscaping in our list of tasks when calculating how long it would take us to build the homes. Reason being, our goal was to finish January/February. Right now we're looking at the end of March, beginning of April. However, if we finish that late in the season the city may turn on the water for sprinklers and then by contractual agreement we have to do landscaping for the homes. That means approximately 2 more months before we can move in. Not that I need to say this but obviously we don't want that to happen. These next few weeks are crunch time. We're trying as hard as we can to finish the homes by the middle, and hopefully not the end, of March so that we can move in before we have to do landscaping. Right now, we've been told by the Fire Marshal that April 15th is usually the date to turn on the water for Saratoga Springs. If we finish by mid-March, we should be good. If not...hello June! Sayonara March. 

Adam and JC did a LOT of work on our stone this week. In total they are about halfway done. Like I said, difficult rock to place correctly. But by next Saturday we're hoping we'll be done with our house and moving on to the LAST house! 

You can see the rock outside of the tent now!

And there's even more in the tent

I know what you're thinking, We've already seen your uppers! Well look again, there's crowning molding on the top now!

Better view

Again, what's next? Finishing rock, finishing finish plumbing, our deck outside, carpet, paint touch up...lots of little things to come!

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